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AMAR – Mexico Association for Retirement Assistance Article on San Carlos, Sonora

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Activities for Sonora, Mexico!


Simple Math Explains the Fears of the US “Black Press” for Mexico!

Recently, there has been a lot of negative or “black press” about the violence in Mexico in the US and Canada. Let me say straight up that they would be correct if they localized the coverage to the problem areas within Mexico. The war against the cartels in Mexico initiated by former President Calderon has caused a rise in violence and many deaths at the hands of the cartels. I will not try to white wash this fact but let’s put things into perspective.

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Taking Charge of Our Money – Changing “OPM” From “Other People’s Money” To “Our Personal Money”
Let me start by saying this is for all those of us that have pretended not to even try to understand the “World of Big Business.” We just go to work every day and come home each night thankful we made it through another day. If we managed to make our lives a little better great but even then we think we can only gain a little each day. In the meantime, the hard-earned after-tax money we do manage to save or stash away is put to work to try and increase our tiny fortune. We put it where the “Big Money People” tell us it will make the most for us, without even considering that these “Big Money People” have us so brain-washed that by listening to them and doing what they say, we might as well just stuff our money into their  pockets directly. It is only when the “_ _ _ _ hits the fan” that it occurs to us to try to have our tiny brains understand what is really happening. They, the “Big Money People” tell us “Give us your money and we will make money for you.” Why would they want to make money for us,  just because they are “good guys?” There has to be more to it than that, so what are they getting out it? Wake up and smell the coffee or “bull_ _ _ _” in this case. They are not the least bit concerned with being “good guys” just being “rich guys” that can do what they want to, spend our money the way they want to and not have to answer for it. And, oh by the way, when they run out of our money to spend because they either took it or spent it all, they come on hands and knees asking for a “bailout” from us, the very ones that they “schemed in the first place.” Well, the bull_ _ _ _ stinks and it is time to take back our innocence and quit playing stupid, let’s do something about it. If you are feeling the same way, read on and then….do something about it!

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