Pearl Farm

Welcome to Cortez Pearls

Our company is proud to present itself as the first commercial saltwater cultured pearl farm in the Americas, and as a only pearl oyster farm in the world which cultivated its pearls using a unique pearl oyster: the “Rainbow Lipped Pearl Oyster” or Pteria sterna.

Pearl Farm 1

The Cortez Pearls® are some the finest cultured pearls in the world, thanks to their thick nacre and unusual natural colors: opalescent silver, grays, gold/bronze, blue/cyan, emerald/olive green, purple/violet, and black, but always with various Overtones: pink, violet, blue and green.

Cortez Pearls® are the most exotic cultured pearls in the world due in no small part to: 1) their limited annual production (4 thousand pearls) and 2) of our Quality standards. There are really few who can boast of having one of these rare gems with 100% Fair Trade backing and All-Natural beauty.

Cortez Pearls® are not simply a gem, accessory or a company: it is a concept that integrates the Pearl, its history, the Environmental protection and the person who acquires one of our pearls.